Calling all Beyonce’s!!

Have you ever wondered what 5 years down the road will look like? Have you ever set goals that far in advance? If you haven’t you’re wasting precious time. There is a quote out there that says, ‘you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.’ I don’t care for her (Bee imageshhive stay away, I’m not in the mood) so I was turned off by it for awhile. And then I heard someone say, ‘you have as many hours in the day as Oprah.’ I like Oprah way better but it still didn’t resonate with me until I realized I could put anyone in replace of Beyonce or Oprah. I could put anyone from my neighbor to the President to Michael Jordan. Anyone that you idolize or want to be like, put their name in that quote and recite it to yourselves out loud. Stop for a second and actually do it. Pay note to what happens.

FYI Here is where you stop and say it out loud…

“I have as many hours in the day as (insert name).


What happened? Did you notice? If not, do it again.


Here is what happened to me and most likely majority of you…

Me: “I have as many hours in the day as Kim Kardashian.’  I kid, I kid!


Me: ‘I have as many hours in the day as Mark Zuckerberg.’

Initial inner thoughts: Holy shit I do! That is awesome. That means I can be as successful as he is. I can do so much. I can be as powerful as Facebook. (You may have gotten a few more lines in of how friccon awesome it is to learn that you have something so significant in common with an idol then I did or you may have not. Pay attention to how many.)

Inner emotions: (emotions are now triggered) Excitement; hope; enthusiasm; happiness; giddiness; ecstatic

Inner thoughts: Excuse me, are you joking? how in the world do you think you’re going to achieve all of that. You’re not capable. You’re not good enough. You’re not fucking Mark Zuckerberg.

Inner emotions: fearful; doubtful; frightened; foolish; less than; hopeless

Inner thoughts: You’ll never amount to that. You can’t do it. Just stop.

Inner emotions: ‘numb’Inner thoughts: What time is it? I should probably get to bed soon huh?

Inner emotions: safe; comfortable; baseline

What the hell just happened during all of that? That my friends is what you call our mindset. Our mind is the most powerful tool we possess. Have you ever watched a 9-12 month old? It draws the most perfect example. If you haven’t watched a child developing recently let me run down the things Avery has learned/tried/enhanced this week.

  • table surfing
  • crawling away when she thinks youre going to take something from her
  • throwing items
  • where she stores her ’emergency snacks’
  • obsession with remotes
  • what the dog bowl being filled with dog food sounds like
  • how to climb stairs
  • the toilet has water in it
  • how to brush her hair
  • that she needs her straps buckled in her car seat

And I could go on and on and on…Why can she learn all those things so quickly? Because her mindset is not limited and she is stuck on now. She has yet to learn how failure makes her feel. She doesn’t know imageseveryone has an opinion. She can’t remember pain. She doesn’t have any meaning for her experiences. She still lives event to event, experience to experience. She has no concept of time except what she can do right now. She is not worried about tomorrow or making up for yesterday. She is living in the here and now.

I bet if she could talk and I had her do the same exercise we just did it would go something like this:

Avery Jane: ‘I have as many hours in the day as my mom.’

Inner thought: OMG!!!! That means I can hang out with her RIGHT NOW. This is so much fun. Let’s play with the remotes. Oh look, the playroom. Lets play in the playroom and pull out all the toys. Let’s not pick the toys up and go chase the dog. Ahh I love my dog. I love opening my mouth to get a big kiss. OMG the porch. There is this awesome step I have to get down. Today I am going to go down it on my butt. Ah awesome I got down. Look at this box out here. Let me get a closer look to see what is inside. I am sure there is something for me. Yes!! The tape. This is an awesome toy to play with.

Inner emotions: excitement; calmness; love; joy; determination; motivation

Again, I could go on and on with what could be going through Avery Jane’s head. Her dialogue is much longer then mine and if I had to guess, yours too. You see we have fucked ourselves over with our thinking. We have labeled everything in our lives with meaning and every time something happens, our minds scroll through our rolodex and find a similar event and label the new one according to old ones. Therefore, we continue to add to the list of reasons why we should be fearful, doubtful and/or disappointed now.

Somewhere along the path we have labeled enough experiences and we have come to the conclusion ‘we are not enough’. It can look different in each one of us, but at the root of all of our fears and doubts is that we are not enough. Maybe we don’t deserve a great guy because we don’t think we are good enough to have a great guy. Maybe we don’t think we’ll land the job because we don’t think we’re good enough to fulfill the requirements. Or maybe we don’t think we’ll go on the vacation because we aren’t good enough to make enough money to pay for it.

Do you notice they are all thoughts though which means we can go one of two ways. You can either think you are good enough for the great guy or you can think you’re not. You can think you’re good enough for the job or think you’re not. And you can think you’re good enough to make the money for the vacation or you can think you’re not. Guess who it’s up to? That’s right! You and your mindset.imageskkSo if we go back to my dialogue with myself regarding having the same amount of time as Mark Zuckerberg, I was excited and 100% on board with the concept until my mindset found those ‘not enough’ experiences in my rolodex. I am currently working on reshaping/labeling those experiences so that every time my mind starts to look for similar events, all they find are events where I was enough and succeed at the task at hand.

It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. I am currently working on my mindset regarding money and success. Over the years I have had fears and internal dialogues with myself regarding wealth and success that I no longer want to continue having. They are not helpful nor allowing me to get where I want to go so I have decided to do something about it. I have decided to change my mindset. So the next time I state, ‘I have the same 24 hours as Mark Zuckerberg,’ my inner dialogue is only going to include excitement, determination, love and joy!

Fuck not being good enough! I am good enough and so are you.

Who do you have the same amount of hours as? And what mindset are you creating so that you can accomplish your hopes and dreams just like your Beyonce does?


Toodles, Becca Jane 🙂


PS. If you are wondering why Mark Zuckerberg, it is because I am working towards making this blog and social media platform of mine legendary just like he did 🙂

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