The Power of NOW

I was notorious for starting everything I wanted to change in my life on Monday’s. Monday was the first day of the week in my mind, therefore, it was always the day of change. If I was planning on eating healthy and exercising, Monday was the day I would start. If I wanted to start waking up early, I put it on the calendar for the following Monday. And then, not only did I push the start of any new goal back to the closest Monday (it really sucked when the desire to make a change kicked in on a Tuesday, I had to wait a week), I loaded up on everything I no longer was going to be able to do come Monday.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 3.09.37 PM

If I had plans to start exercising and eating healthy, I would make several stops to the grocery story in the meantime and stock up on absolutely every friccon’ junk food item I came across. Swedish fish, M&M’s, chips, cake, cupcakes, brownies, you name it I was inhaling it like it was the last supper. I would eat and eat and eat. And don’t forget to throw in the one for all, all for one, swearing off all junk food forever, on my mothers life, cross my heart, hope to die type of binge come Sunday night.

I know I am not the only crazy Monday go-er, so you all know how you wake up feeling the following day. The alarm clock goes off extra early and you roll over, still smelling of cake batter and twinkles and turn it off, reciting to yourself ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. Once you finally come too from your horrific food hangover that morning, you hold your head in shame while repeating to yourself, ‘see told you you couldn’t do it. You suck. You failed. You may as well eat the donuts that are being passed around at this work meeting, you fat lard. I guess we’ll try again Monday.’

As I type that out I can’t help but laugh and mourn. How fucking insane is that? Oh the time wasted! Sadly, it is how it goes over and over and over in so many of our heads. And don’t worry if you couldn’t relate, there are thousands of examples out there that there is one with your name ‘me too’ on it.

Perhaps, you’re the one who tells yourself that you want to start saving money and you are no longer going to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee every morning (sorry Starbucks lovers, I rep DD all the way). Yet come Monday morning, when the feening gets tough, you cave, say ‘just this once and then I’ll make it at home tomorrow morning’, to find yourself leaving the drive through disappointed, regretful and hopeless that you will never be able to save enough to buy that dream house of yours. And you show up the next morning again and again, until you set your start date again for another Monday.

Or how about you, who says you want to start taking care of yourself and putting yourself first. You decide starting Monday, after the kids go to sleep, you’re going to go downstairs and take 30 minutes for yourself. You get yourself a journal, pull out your yoga mat and even buy yourself a new pedicure set. You set your hopes on Monday evening only to have the kids take an extra 25 minutes to go to bed, find tomorrow’s work clothes sitting in the washer from the night before, and a house tore apart from the day’s events. You tell yourself that you’ll just clean up now, re-wash the clothes and then settle for a 10 minute shower instead of the 30 minutes you promised yourself and start tomorrow when you can plan better. Something always comes up and you continue to put yourself last until you’ve had enough again, 4 weeks later and swear come Monday, you’re taking time for you.

It does not matter what it is because at the end of the day, it is our goals that we are pushing off to start. We are saying ‘we aren’t important enough right now’ and of course, a big ‘fuck you!’ The inner dialogue is all the same in the end. Whether you tell yourself ‘you’re not worth it’,  ‘you can’t do it anyways’, ‘told you so, stupid’, we are all left with disappointment, frustration and defeat.

I can’t tell you how many times I set a goal to start on a Monday, only to reset every Monday thereafter for the next 6 weeks. 6 fucking weeks I try yer end with the same results, that of sadness and hopelessness. I end up just saying ‘fuck it’, why even bother now?’

Unless I operate and utilize the Power of NOW. The Power of Now makes shit happen and it makes shit happen quickly. The only reason we push it off to Monday is because of our fears and insecurities. We doubt ourselves and then we don’t have to take accountability for realizing we aren’t living up to our potential. We refuse to take a look at the areas in our lives where we aren’t perfect. That’s right we ARE NOT perfect, we are flawed and insecure. (This is where some of you turn your nose up to me and tell me you aren’t insecure and refuse to read the rest of this).

It is much easier to push off looking in the mirror then facing it. You can go on your day and pretend that you are on your way to greatness, which can’t be more further from the truth. If you didn’t have the desire to do something, it wouldn’t come to mind. We don’t think of any goal for ourself that is not attainable and reachable. We are born for greatness; however, our fears that we inherit over the years tell us differently. We create stories to backup these fears and make us comfortable being stuck.

So the only way to counter this is to act NOW. Yes, the Power of NOW is your best friend. Our fears are as big and bad as Oz behind the curtain. That is all they are. Loud, mouthy little fucks that are believed to be powerful beings. They are not and all you need is a little Toto to pull the curtain.

What is it your current goal? To workout? To eat healthy? To save money? To make better relationships? To get a job? Whatever it is, act NOW. If you want to workout more, go for a 10 minute walk NOW. If you want to eat healthy, throw the Kit-Kat bar away NOW (I don’t care if you only have one bite left, throw it away). If you want to save money, go take out $25 in your bank and stash it away in a safe place. If you want to make better relationships, call the person just to say hi, RIGHT NOW. If you want a job, apply to a job this minute, even if you aren’t interested in it, apply.

Use the Power of NOW as your momentum. It kicks your fear straight in the gonads and when they bend over to catch their breath, you run! And you run like hell. You just take off and start running. It doesn’t matter if you have an end destination in mind or have a plan for success mapped out, none of that matters. All that matters is that you do ONE thing, RIGHT NOW that moves you in the direction of your goal.

Why? Because it doesn’t give your fears, doubts and insecurities time to talk to you. They are sneaky little bastards and you fall for it 9 out of 10 times. So don’t give them time to talk. Don’t give them time to prepare a 10 page thesis on why you’re next thought is a bad idea. They have amazing excuses (for those that were offended earlier with being called insecure but hung in so you could prove me wrong, don’t justify them by referring them to as reasons, they are called excuses). They will eventually convince you to abandon ship and you will. But what you always forget, is they don’t keep their promises and once you abandon ship, you are left alone to swim to shore. There is no lifeboat to catch you. They offer you nothing in return for remaining loyal to them.

So I will ask you on this beautiful Saturday to get honest with yourself right now. What have you postponed to start on this upcoming Monday? What goal keeps popping up in your head that you continue to find an excuse for (remember, they are not reasons) for not starting NOW? If you watched my ‘Fuck It Friday’ live show last night (every Friday at 8pm), then you should have a goal already written down. If not, then write one down NOW. Again, remember the Power of NOW.

Now go do something, RIGHT NOW to move you in that direction. If it’s to make friends, message someone from FB and ask them how they are. If you want to go on vacation, pick a date and submit a vacation form to work. If you want to start a business, announce it. If you want to go to college, email a recruiter for information. There are so many things you can do, RIGHT NOW, that will kick your fears where it counts and give you at least a 5 second head start before they start yelling at you.


Toodles, Becca Jane 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Power of NOW

  1. I totally enjoy reading your blog BeccaJane Your honesty and down to earth way of sharing is a gift .
    Thank you for being vulnerable and courageous. You inspire me.


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