A book a day keeps decay away

Hey y’all!

I have had several people reach out to me regarding my own personal development and the things I do to continue to evolve and grow. In addition, multiple people have asked what books I have read recently as I am constantly talking about my nonnegotiable reading goal I have every day.


I shared briefly about this last night during my Fuck It Friday LIVE FB show (check it out). If you aren’t friends with my on FB, send me a request, I would love for you to follow me.

I heard that the most successful people read. They are constantly working on themselves and learning new things. So I decided to stop claiming I hated to read and start reading. You know those dumb one liners you always use and over time they are just your go too, whether they are actually true or not. Mine was ‘I hate reading’. I thought I hated reading when I was younger, probably because I wasn’t any good at it. I was that kid in class who would count how many students were ahead of me and practicing reading the paragraph that would fall on my turn. I just wasn’t a big vocabulary kind of girl and instead of working on it and getting better, I just deemed I hated it. And it stuck with me. I was in my 20’s and 30’s declaring I hated reading because it was something I said in my teens.

How many things have you carried on into your adult life that aren’t even true anymore?

The only way to change that is to do the opposite of what you believe. Create a new belief. Remember, what you believe is based off of opinions and opinions can change.

So I started reading 30 minutes a day. It became a nonnegotiable goal. The long term goal was to read a book a week. That seemed impossible! No way would I be able to read a book a week, working full time, starting my business and raising Avery. Outside of those three things, I still existed, my marriage, my friends and family, and my hobbies. How would I be able to do a book a week?

I keep telling ya’ll that it doesn’t’t matter the details of how you accomplish something, all that matters is that you commit to accomplishing something. Commitment is the only variable that can change your success. If you want great success, commit! So I committed IMG_8636to 30 minutes a day. It was right outside of my comfort zone. 15 minutes was where my comfort zone was as that was doable, you can fit 15 minutes in anywhere. So I selected 30 minutes and started reading.

What I found was that I actually loved the books and I got lost in them. I would read for longer then 30 minutes usually or do 2, 30 minute sessions a day. I stopped spending an hour to two hours scrolling FB Newsfeed at night and started reading. (Complete waste of time by way and wasn’t helping me grow.) Not only do I learn tons and have great things to talk to clients about, but I was also falling asleep faster. Jay found me face planted several times in my books 🙂

And then just like that, I finished Girl, wash your face in a week. Funny how the details work themselves out after you 100% commit. I keep telling ya’ll this! Someday you’ll take me up on my word. And on top of that I finished an audible book (great business by the way if you have an Amazon account).

I didn’t’t even know it existed until I was standing at Barnes and Noble Sunday afternoon trying to find Rachel Hollis’s book when I saw Black Privilege. I commented to Jay that I wanted to read that book as well, when he told me he had purchased it on audible way back when. I then realized that I had a 30 minute commute to work one way and could get at least an hour in on another book per day. So I started listening to audible books on the way to work.

That made two books a week. I still read for 30 minutes a day (there is something about holding a book in my hand that makes it come to life and stop time) and listened when going and coming from work. I managed to get an audible in a week on top of a book. Fast forward to 5 weeks from the time I committed and I have gotten 13 books in! That is how you commit ladies and gentlemen! You commit to the end result you are striving for and worry about the details later. The details will come eventually and it will all piece together. Due to my commitment I continue to grow and strive personally. I get mini life/therapy sessions for $20.99 a week. That is less then my copayment for 8 minutes with a doctor and no solution. So I have determined, a book a day keeps decay away.


Becca Jane 🙂


List of books thus far:

Girl, wash your face: I enjoyed it. It was a simple read and really touched on a few things. The biggest take away I got was how poorly we keep promises to ourselves. It was eye opening how she puts it. If you are struggling and having some internal issues going on, have not done much personal development on yourself, this book is a great start. It covers the basics.

Black Privilege (audible): AMAZING!! It was awesome to hear Charlamange tha God read his own book. It was as if I was talking to him for 7 hours. We were friends in my opinion after I finished it. I was sad it was over. It was like when I binge Orange is the New Black in a weekend. Biggest topic I got out of it was everything is a lesson, there are no losses.

You are a badass at making money: Fantastic book!!! I highly recommend this to anyone having difficulties with money. Your difficulties come down to your beliefs regarding money and the book helps you to figure those out. She offers exercises to do and things to challenge your beliefs. Very well written. I will read again.

10x Rule (audible): Read by the author Grant Cardone. He is my idol at the moment. If I could meet a celebrity, right now it would be him. He sounds as if he is getting a motivational speech when he reads. Its awesome. I utilize so much from this book. When I talk about making yourself some badass goals, I’m referring to this book and 10xing your goals. He comes from a sales perspective; however, it can apply to any goal you have.

Daring Greatly: I had bought this book about 4 years ago when I was having some difficulty with vulnerability but never finished it. And then Jarvis had a field day with it at some point and destroyed it. It is a good book. It causes you to think and at times makes you have to reread something in order to get it, as vulnerability is not a common topic. However, it is raw and she exposes herself in it making the whole book human. Great read. She has others out that will eventually make my read list.

Jab jab jab right hook (audible): Eh decent book. It talks about the different platforms that are out there to use for business. If you are in business and want to get the word out, it helps break things down for you. I did like the boxing analogs he uses frequently and helped me to understand the art of just jabbing. Helps that I boxed and know the concept but still, great analogy.

You are a badass: Same author as before. Great book. I like that she puts herself out there. Since I loved you are a badass at making money and read that first, I think it spoiled this one a little. This was also her first book so some of the stuff was offered in her second, You are badass making money and explained in more detail so I felt like I was repeating in some areas. Still great! I recommend it.

Fail until you don’t (audible): I like Bobby’s dry sense of humor and quirkiness that comes out in the book. This is also read by him so you think you are talking and listening to the person. I do not listen to Bobby Bones show and did not know he existed until I read this book. It was decent. Not my favorite but still decent. This too was written in simple and basic terms. What I really liked about the book and took away was that he is okay with being imperfect. He doesn’t claim he is, makes mistakes and continues to really work on things.

Contagious: This was a really interesting book. It is really helpful when you run a business or you are in management. It helps you to understand why things catch on and go viral. I got several things from this book and just learned some neat facts about human behavior. Neat book.

Crush It (audible): Do not be deterred from this book just because you do not do sales. Gary V reads his books and it is very animated which helps pump up your motivation. It was really cool hearing his story about how he got to where he got. It gives hope. His principles can be applied to goals in life, not just business.

Crushing It (audible): This is a second book to follow up after Crush It. Did not care for it. Although it was read by Gary V which helps, it was more or less just giving stories of how people applied Crush It in their lives and now are Crushing it. He’s an awesome person to follow on Instagram though!

Choose wonder over worry: Loved this book!! I did not hear about it from anyone but simply picked it because it was bright, had the word fear on the cover and was on the side of the bookshelf. I am so glad I picked it up. One of my favorites so far. It’s raw and honest. She gives examples of how each far and insecurity cropped up in her life and how she handled it. I believe that is how I coach and so it was refreshing hearing someone like me. Great book!

Power of Broke (audible): This book was not read by Damien which I was disappointed by at first. However, I got hooked. It was a good book. You can tell it was written by someone who isn’t normally a writer but that doesn’t matter because it makes it all the more from Damien John. You can tell he wrote it. He has a pretty cool story and what I love is that he explains you don’t need millions to make millions.

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