EXPOSED: I finally bit the bullet and hired a cleaning lady and I don’t regret it

I didn’t realize my post regarding hiring a cleaning lady would be so popular. I had multiple people reach out inquiring about it, as well as several people comment they have thought about the same thing.

Jay has been suggesting and trying to persuade me to get a cleaning lady ever since I was pregnant (for the short math, that’s almost 2 years now). I always made it a point not to hear him out. It sounded like a marvelous concept but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I am an analytical creature and at times struggle with understanding the logic behind paying for something I am capable of doing myself. Every time Jay suggested it, I would shut it down with ‘why don’t you pay me for doing it then?’ This is often the struggle between a couple who has polar opposite perspectives on spending money.

I remember when I was 8 months pregnant one weekend, getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing every inch of the walls, especially high traffic areas for Jarvis. Every where I turned, I felt like the house got dirtier and dirtier. So I cleaned and cleaned only to wake up the next day sore as all get out. Instead of paying someone in dollars and cents, I paid myself in time wasted on a Saturday busy cleaning, as well as time wasted the next day bed ridden from aches and pains. You think I learned and took him up the next time he suggested it, but nope, typical Aries over here.

Then of course there are countless times I chose to clean the house instead of napping with Avery when she was a newborn. I couldn’t take the filth. It really wasn’t filth but to a sleep deprived, hormonal, and injured reproductively (trying to paint a PG picture for you- you’re welcome) new mother, it was like starring in my own episode of hoarders. I understand that people are trying to be helpful and looking back I am sure they are right with their advice, I just couldn’t nap when baby napped. I had to clean.

And while I continued to clean, Jay continued to suggest, only to have me not hear him out time after time. Slowly I stopped making the time to keep up on the weekends. It was becoming more and more difficult to make the time to clean. I was exhausted from the work week, running a business, as well as an on the move one year old who is attached at the hip to her working momma. And then you mix in the desire to just sit in peace for a minute for some me time and cleaning becomes one of the last items on the to-do list.

Over the last month, it has been more and more difficult to commit to cleaning and so I finally started day dreaming about someone cleaning the house. And then Jay suggested it one more time and I bit. I didn’t care about the money anymore. I didn’t care about the stranger in my house. I didn’t care about the passing judgement of how we live while she cleaned and I didn’t care about the logistics of it all. To me, the money spent for someone to come in and do a great job, far out weighed the money I would have saved and later spent somewhere else.

Time is very precious. I am learning this lesson more and more, the more I blink and my child is a month older, two months older, three months older, etc. I can’t tell you how many thoughts I have wasted beating myself up for choosing to lay down and read a book while the baby naps instead of cleaning (sometimes I don’t even make it to reading a book, I just make it to laying down and listening to the sound of my breathing). Or how many times I have focused on the dust collecting under the TV while I roll around playing on the floor with my daughter. How about the moments I wasted frustrated by the amount of dog hair I collected on my shirt after picking up my daughter who just scooted across the floor to me. So much time was wasted bothered by the mess and the lack of drive to clean, as well as so much time wasted being exhausted Monday morning because I wasted yet another weekend catching up on chores.

We make time for what we want to make time for. And at this point in my life, I don’t want to make time cleaning my house. So I will gladly pay the extra money to have someone come in and clean so that I can be a more effective mom, wife, woman and worker. It is worth it to me in the end, as nothing in this world is free. We pay a price for absolutely everything and sometimes, just like today, I am reminded that saving money isn’t always in my best interest as I pay a price in time, energy and serenity.

And who doesn’t love coming home from a long day of work to a beautiful cleaned, saged and essentially oiled house (def made a word up)! Bite the bullet ya’ll, you won’t regret it, especially not if you’re a neat freak like I am and find a nicely cleaned house so relaxing and inviting!


Toodles, Becca Jane 🙂

And if you bite the bullet, bite it with my cleaning lady Fatima Minkin 508-254-6933


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