EXPOSED: I’ve quit on myself too many times to count

Last night, as I had just finished stuffing my face with every non-healthy food item I could find in my kitchen, I started listing my tomorrow commitments to myself. "You'll work out for the next 4 weeks like your life depends on it. You are to go hard or go home" "You'll run instead of [...]

EXPOSED: I let disappointment settle in and tell me ‘I wasn’t good enough’

I always seem to think patience is my strong suit until it's not. And currently, it's not. As of yesterday, I feel patience is for the birds. And just like all other times I have thrown my patience out the window, it came down to being disappointed. It's funny how just last Friday, during my [...]

EXPOSED: I traded in my hooker boots for a pair of white converses

I just got back from an AA meeting tonight. It was a special one, one where I got to acknowledge a special person in my life for their ability to stay sober over the last 32 years, in order to be able to show me the way when it was my turn. The topic tonight [...]

EXPOSED: I managed to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks with being a full-time working mom

I figured I have to give all you dedicated readers something special, something I don't offer up to to just my regular social media followers. So why not give you some half naked photos of me. It's only fair, right? Here you go! The one and only Becca Jane, uncensored and half naked! Wasn't what [...]

EXPOSED: Why I decided to hire a life coach for myself

I finally reached a jump off point in my life. I wasn't in any danger nor was there anything occurring at the moment that was detrimental, but I knew I needed something more. I was feeling empty. I kept having this nagging voice saying there is more out there, what are you waiting for? You [...]

The reward for standing in your truth, far out weighs its price

Being honest with myself is one of the more difficult things I have to do on a regular basis. Sometimes it's easier to just shy away from the truth, pretend it's not pecking at me. Sometimes I even blatantly tell myself a lie so that I don't have to face the truth. The truth is [...]