EXPOSED: I let disappointment settle in and tell me ‘I wasn’t good enough’

I always seem to think patience is my strong suit until it's not. And currently, it's not. As of yesterday, I feel patience is for the birds. And just like all other times I have thrown my patience out the window, it came down to being disappointed. It's funny how just last Friday, during my [...]

EXPOSED: I traded in my hooker boots for a pair of white converses

I just got back from an AA meeting tonight. It was a special one, one where I got to acknowledge a special person in my life for their ability to stay sober over the last 32 years, in order to be able to show me the way when it was my turn. The topic tonight [...]

What to do when you throw the towel in on your goals?

There is a common phrase used in AA that keeps ringing in my head: "It's not starting that's the problem, its staying stopped." It applies to absolutely everything in life. Depending on what you're referring to, you may just have to change the ending to, 'it's continuing'. Whether it's staying stopped or continuing, it's not [...]