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12 EXCUSES you tell yourself to cope with FAILURE

Do you open your eyes each morning wishing you saw something different? Guess what, everything you see is because of you. You do not see what you want because you have excuses preventing you from getting to where you want to go. You continue to use the same excuse over and over to cope with your… Continue reading 12 EXCUSES you tell yourself to cope with FAILURE

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EXPOSED: There is no such thing as God

I have found a few topics that can get a crowd going and God by far makes that cut. People either get so turned off by the G-word mentioned or people wet the inside of their panties talking about Him. There is no middle of the ground usually. You either believe or you don't and… Continue reading EXPOSED: There is no such thing as God

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A book a day keeps decay away

Hey y'all! I have had several people reach out to me regarding my own personal development and the things I do to continue to evolve and grow. In addition, multiple people have asked what books I have read recently as I am constantly talking about my nonnegotiable reading goal I have every day. I shared… Continue reading A book a day keeps decay away

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EXPOSED (Special Edition): Hi, my name is Becca and I’m an alcoholic and addict

Welp, cat is out of the bag now I'd say 🙂 Up until now I have yet to air my laundry regarding my addiction to drugs and alcohol. It usually just never fits nicely into a conversation. I prefer to not broadcast it as there is a stigma that comes with addiction in society. We… Continue reading EXPOSED (Special Edition): Hi, my name is Becca and I’m an alcoholic and addict

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Calling all Beyonce’s!!

Have you ever wondered what 5 years down the road will look like? Have you ever set goals that far in advance? If you haven't you're wasting precious time. There is a quote out there that says, 'you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.' I don't care for her (Bee hive stay away,… Continue reading Calling all Beyonce’s!!

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Tough love is a bitch!

Tough is one of my favorite adjectives. I love to 'pretend' I'm Ford tough. There is no better compliment to my ego then someone saying something to me along the lines of 'you intimidate me'. I am notorious (although I have worked on it over the years) for mean mugging. A buddy named Ed who… Continue reading Tough love is a bitch!