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EXPOSED: There is no such thing as God

I have found a few topics that can get a crowd going and God by far makes that cut. People either get so turned off by the G-word mentioned or people wet the inside of their panties talking about Him. There is no middle of the ground usually. You either believe or you don't and… Continue reading EXPOSED: There is no such thing as God

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Tough love is a bitch!

Tough is one of my favorite adjectives. I love to 'pretend' I'm Ford tough. There is no better compliment to my ego then someone saying something to me along the lines of 'you intimidate me'. I am notorious (although I have worked on it over the years) for mean mugging. A buddy named Ed who… Continue reading Tough love is a bitch!

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I think the world is out to fuck me!?

The world just may be trying to fuck me! I did just get a new haircut, lost 5 baby weight lbs recently and not to mention got hit on by the Dunkin Donuts cashier this morning. So it may be very likely that the world is trying to hookup with this MILF over here. Personally… Continue reading I think the world is out to fuck me!?