EXPOSED: I managed to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks with being a full-time working mom

I figured I have to give all you dedicated readers something special, something I don't offer up to to just my regular social media followers. So why not give you some half naked photos of me. It's only fair, right? Here you go! The one and only Becca Jane, uncensored and half naked! Wasn't what [...]

7 signs it’s time to call it quits and cut ties in a relationship

Relationships are tough, no matter how good of a communicator you are. They require work. And it's not just work here and there, it is constant work. Whether you are staying in touch with a friend, maintaining a marriage, or being a productive member of a family, they all require work. They require you to [...]

EXPOSED: I finally bit the bullet and hired a cleaning lady and I don’t regret it

I didn't realize my post regarding hiring a cleaning lady would be so popular. I had multiple people reach out inquiring about it, as well as several people comment they have thought about the same thing. Jay has been suggesting and trying to persuade me to get a cleaning lady ever since I was pregnant [...]