EXPOSED: I wanted to weigh-in at 170lb by January 1st, but the sweets were calling my name last night

Welp, that's a wrap. It's not a wrap on what you think either. In the past I would have just said, 'thats a wrap on that goal, time to move on and make another,' but nope, not now. I've worked too hard on myself and have my eyes set too far in advance to get [...]

EXPOSED: I managed to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks with being a full-time working mom

I figured I have to give all you dedicated readers something special, something I don't offer up to to just my regular social media followers. So why not give you some half naked photos of me. It's only fair, right? Here you go! The one and only Becca Jane, uncensored and half naked! Wasn't what [...]

EXPOSED: Why I decided to hire a life coach for myself

I finally reached a jump off point in my life. I wasn't in any danger nor was there anything occurring at the moment that was detrimental, but I knew I needed something more. I was feeling empty. I kept having this nagging voice saying there is more out there, what are you waiting for? You [...]