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EXPOSED: Your scars should be accessorized

Welcome to the first ‘Exposed’ blog post (happening every Tuesday)! Remember my first ever post, What the FUCK am I doing?. The name is self explanatory. I had no clue where I was going with this whole blog thing, how it was going to look or even what was going to come of it. I… Continue reading EXPOSED: Your scars should be accessorized

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Calling all Beyonce’s!!

Have you ever wondered what 5 years down the road will look like? Have you ever set goals that far in advance? If you haven't you're wasting precious time. There is a quote out there that says, 'you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.' I don't care for her (Bee hive stay away,… Continue reading Calling all Beyonce’s!!

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Tough love is a bitch!

Tough is one of my favorite adjectives. I love to 'pretend' I'm Ford tough. There is no better compliment to my ego then someone saying something to me along the lines of 'you intimidate me'. I am notorious (although I have worked on it over the years) for mean mugging. A buddy named Ed who… Continue reading Tough love is a bitch!

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I think the world is out to fuck me!?

The world just may be trying to fuck me! I did just get a new haircut, lost 5 baby weight lbs recently and not to mention got hit on by the Dunkin Donuts cashier this morning. So it may be very likely that the world is trying to hookup with this MILF over here. Personally… Continue reading I think the world is out to fuck me!?

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The Motherhood Roller Coaster

Currently, I am sitting in my daughters room pretending not to notice her as she makes as much commotion as possible in hopes to prolong herself from going to sleep. She’s been crib surfing for the last 5 minuets and talking up a storm. We’re working on transitioning her back into her crib after the… Continue reading The Motherhood Roller Coaster

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The word VULNERABLE is equivalent to the word CUNT

I bet I got your attention and even more so, made you miss a breath or two. I get it, the word cunt makes the hair on your neck stand up. It just pierces through you and then lingers for awhile. The word vulnerable does the same exact thing to me. Three or four years… Continue reading The word VULNERABLE is equivalent to the word CUNT

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Suicide seemed to be my ONLY answer

July 5th will always be a pivotal date in my life. Yes I am aware of being cautious when using such harsh words such as always or never, but I'd like to think I'll never dull the significance of July 5, 2010. I can't or I'll forget who I was, thus causing me to lose… Continue reading Suicide seemed to be my ONLY answer

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What the FUCK am I doing?

Hell, why not have the word FUCK in my first ever blog post! In all honesty, I have no fucking clue what I am doing- thats what makes it great. I was laying in bed reading my latest book (ha I say that like Ive been an avid reader for years- Im sure I'll touch… Continue reading What the FUCK am I doing?