If you want to change your mindset…
If you want to believe in yourself…
If you want to accomplish your dreams…
If you want better…
If you want security and confidence…

Stop selling yourself short. You are worth it! Decide to make the change NOW!

Coaching and Counseling

Virtual Sessions

30 minute ($60), 60 minute ($90) or 90 minute ($125)

Virtual sessions challenge your belief systems (fears and insecurities) and address a plan of action for reclaiming yourself and believing you are enough. Phone or video calls are used for each session.


In-Person Sessions

60 minutes ($100) or 90 minutes ($140)

1:1 Life Coach sessions are up close and in person. 1:1 sessions cause often times create more vulnerability. Vulnerability is where you challenge and change your belief systems.

Additional travel expenses are not included if traveling is included.


Text Line

1 month ($250) or 3 months ($225 per month)

The Text Line is open for communicating in the moment when advice and suggestions are needed. Accountability and guidance are key when working on changing ones habits and views.


Virtual Session Packages

[5] 60 min sessions ($399)

[7] 30 min sessions ($369)


Power of NOW Package

1 month ($500), 3 months ($475) or 6 months ($450)

The Power of Now Package is designed for those who are ready to become obsessed with changing their lives and are committed to changing it NOW.

  • Text line access
  • (4) 60 minute phone or video call a month
  • Weekly target goals with tracked progress


Crisis Line


If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and need support, please contact me. I am always available to the next suffering addict and alcoholic or those who think they may drink or drug today.

In addition, if you are in danger to yourself or want to hurt yourself and need someone to listen, please contact me.