Becca Jane is the most inspiring woman I’ve come in contact with!!! I love her blogs and FIF is amazing- Elizabeth Clancy (New Hampshire)

I was looking for help when I found Becca. For the first time in a long time I was able to feel. Our session was real and she told me like it was. I needed someone to be straight up with me because I have been running from the real issues for a long time. I’m excited to continue this journey. Thank you! – Daniel Casstevens (North Carolina)

What an amazing person. Because of her I came out of my comfort zone and learnt another side about myself. Thank you so much Becca! – Kjell Fruytier (Belgium)

I met Becca through the Grant Cardone ambassador program and after seeing a struggle I was having with my business, she took time to dig into the underlying issues with me. She then gave some very insightful information and advice which has helped me tremendously! Thank you Becca! -Timothy Ray Phelps (Kentucky)

So, to date, Becca is/has been the most influential person in my life (besides my mother). I will probably end up writing most of this in past tense but please know that all of this continues to this day. She was there for me when no one else was. But not in an enabling way because she has never once told me what I wanted to hear. She has always told me what I needed to hear regardless of whether I wanted to hear it or not. She supported me and continued to love me throughoutnumerous bad decisions. She stood by me throughout one of the toughest points in my life. But please make no mistake, she pushed me. Hard. And I pushed back. Harder. But she never led me astray. She told me to do some things I didn’t understand. I did them anyway. Pissed off. But I did them. And when I look back, it was always for my benefit and it always made me grow. So I came out on the other side of this horrific experience (which I can now say was one of the best of my life) and I’m a totally different woman. And I owe a lot of credit to her. For putting up with me, for always answering the phone, for answering endless questions about nonsense, and for loving and believing in me. Some days were hard and I yelled and screamed and told her no and called her some choice words. But I kept going. And she was always right there. And continues to be. Maybe I’m biased. And that’s okay. To me she is one of the most beautiful, independent, and strong women I know. I am grateful to know her. – Elizabeth Gilbert (Virginia Beach, VA)

Wow Becca!!!! Where do I begin?!?! Quite honestly not even sure how we became Facebook friends, but from the moment I saw you on Facebook I was like a magnet to you. In the beginning our journey was more of a health and fitness type deal. You basically told me if you want what I have you have to do what I do. I would question everything you told me to and when you answered I’d still question it, lol � I guess cause I’m hard headed. As I got to know more on a deeper more intimate level I began revealing more of myself, my challenges, stuggles, blessings so on and so forth. At first I was like she is a hard ass and definitely is the person to go to when you need some tough love!!! She will not sugar coat anything and she is definitely not biased to things I would talk to her about. If I was in the wrong or if I was to blame or whatever the case maybe she would tell me. The one thing I love the most about Becca is that when working with her if you give her a problem or situation you are having and you just tell her surface information she won’t let that slide she will make you dig so deep within yourself to the point it hurts, to the point where you see the RAW truth. From day one I’ve wanted what she has and still to this day I want what she has! She definitely is like my seconded Mom as well. We’ve spent hours on the phone and text messages. I would definitely say she is willing to walk along side by side with you NO MATTER WHAT!!! I’ve been dealing with a particular issue for years now and no matter how many times I come to her with the same issues she is still loving, caring and helpful. Highly recommend her for any issue you’re having!!!! – Kimberly (Norfolk,VA)

Bring an open mind and a desire to improve, grow, and learn. – Amy Lemay (New Hampshire)

Becca is such an inspirational person who truly sees the good in everyone. I now hear her in my thoughts, in fact I think she is now the voice of my conscience. 😉She has taught me that if I am overthinking something, taking something personal, or am truly hurt or bothered by something, that it is my own personal issue to work out. She puts good energy out there and truly enjoys helping everyone. One of the kindest most genuine people I have met throughout my journeys in life… ❤️ -Chelsi (Massachusetts)

I have been watching Becca on social media for several years now, and I feel the growth I’ve gone through is partially due to seeing her growth.
She has been both a quiet influence and a strong , loud influence. I feel most people working to motivate others seem to be stuck at RAH RAH RAH, or just quietly supportive. It’s rare to find someone who, if you aren’t in the same space as they are, Becca does it so smoothly and flawlessly that you don’t realize she had til you’re at home in bed that night!
Trust me, trust all the reviews! – Laurie Higgins (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The woman right here!! She’s been with me through 21day fix and been there for so many other times!!! She’s simply amazing, she listens and is as honest as she can be, yes she will call me on BS but that’s what I NEED!!! She not someone that does that but I truly can say she is a friend! She’s a true inspiration & just so much fun to watch her grow into this business and strive at life, she’s an amazing wife to Jay and an Amazing mother to her daughter Avery!!! So if you haven’t already jump on board with her!!  – Lori Ann (Chester, VA)